Mini Militia Mod APK Download – All Latest Mods Version Available

Here you can download Mini Militia Mod APK, on this site you can get all kind of Mini Militia Mod APK like Unlimited Health, Unlimited Ammo,  Mini Militia Pro Pack, Unlimited Jetpack, God Mod, Mega mod, ONE SHOT KILL, Mod with New Skins, INVISIBLE mod and many more. It’s very fun military shooting game which you’ll spend time and effort using its unending gaming action, you will surely enjoy Mini Militia game. You will find some awesome features hanging around that makes it a different from other game within the smartphones. The game looks somewhats quite simple without a penny much detail without anyone’s knowledge instead of hilly area view. However the real taste from the game only comes whenever you play it.

Mini Militia Mod Apk

Mini Militia Mod APK

Mini Militia Mod APK

You could have Mini Militia in your smartphones which in fact had the memory size 48 MB for normal and 60 MB for that New Skin and HD background. Whenever you play this game, you discover using the proper from the game. You can observe there’s a choice for enjoying the game either in unending single player or multi-player. Playing multi-player now again you’ll have two choice that is either Online or LAN Wifi. The “Mini Militia mod apk” also know as Mini Milita hack apk people are searching both term on internet.

Mini Militia Pro Pack

Mini Militia Pro Pack

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mini militia hack

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mini militia mod With unlimited Boost Regen

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Features of Mini Militia MOD APK for Android:

Some of the features you will get in our Mini Militia MOD APK for android.

  3. Unlimited Health.
  4. Mini Militia Pro Pack Unlocked
  5. Avatar customization.
  6. Custom game rooms.
  7. You’ll be able to hold dual weapons in online mode.
  8. All of the stores and all items will unlocked.
  9. Every single costume will be unlocked with new skins.
  10. You can access all the weapons like rocket launcher, sniper rifle, laser, and many more.
  11. You’ll be able to train your soldier in offline modes like Co-op and Survival modes.
  12. Use sniper, shotgun, and flamethrower and play in teams which seems like fun cartoon between Soldat and Halo..
  13. Session and alert errors are removed.
  14. You’ll be able to restore the last log in the system in which you used multiple accounts.
  15. Profile error issues are fixed.
  16. Transparent Bush that allow you to watch who’re hiding behind the bush and trees.
  17. Featured with 3 new maps.
  18. Now you can see Health bar of other players.
  19. Dual gun bugs are removed.
  20. Health cheats codes are added already.
  21. 2x Damage to other players.
  22. You don’t need to reload each and every time whenever you completed the bullets on your weapon.
  23. You can use this Mini Militia Mod APK without rooting your device. (Mini Militia Mod APK non root device)
  24. Suicide option is, You can kill yourself to leave map.
  25. HD and NON-HD versions available.
  26. Red line for targeting.
  27. Local Multiplayer via Bluetooth or Wifi.
  28. Choose a server and create individual host find a new places and get start playing with your friends online using Room creator.
  29. You’ll be gifted with Golden gun always when you reborn.
  30. You can select laser to put into your weapons which will increase your accuracy.
  31. Gravity mode is added you’ll be able to fly through walls and hide inside the wall and shoot.
  32. There are lots of weapons like Sniper, Pistol, MP5, AK47, Shotgun, EMP, Magnum and Flame Thrower.
  33. Crashes are fixed.
  34. Melee attacks.
  35. Team Battle.

Other many more features you will get in this Mini militia mod apk.

Mini Militia All Store can be Unlocked via Battle Points

  1. HEALTH REGEN (2X faster health will recharge) – Cost you 1000 points
  2. RIFLE CLIP EXTENDER (Increase clip size for m4, m14 and ak47 by 25%) – cost you 1500 points
  3. INCREASE ACCURACY (Improve accuracy on all bullet firing weapons by 20%) – Cost you 2000 points
  4. GRENADE +1 (carry one extra grenade) cost you 1000 points
  5. GAS GRENADE (Add a gass grenade to the starting weapons) – Cost you 500 points
  6. FASTER RELOAD (Reduce reload time for m4, m14 and ak47 by 30%) – Cost you 1500 points
  7. MASK PACK {Unlock mask pack (Hats and Glasses section of Customize) via Pro Pack! } – Cost you 500 points
  8. HANDGUN CLIP EXTENDER (Increase clip size for the uzi and desert eagle by 25%) – cost you 1250 points
  9. MELEE +10 (Increase melee attack damage by 10 damage points) – cost you 800 points
  10. LASER SIGHT (Put in a laser sight to pistols and rifles) – cost you 1000 points
  11. GOLDEN EAGLE (Spawn having a silenced desert eagle) – cost you 250 points
  12. FASTER RELOAD (Reduce reload time for the uzi, desert eagle and magnum by 30%) – Cost you 1000 points
  13. BOOST INCREASE (Increase boost duration by 20%) – cost you 2000 points
  14. BOOST REGEN (15% faster booster will recharge) – Cost you 1250 points

Mini Militia Guns Unlocked With Mini Militia Pro Pack

Hands guns

  1. Uzi : It’s a submachine gun and fires rapidly with no delay along with a player will get it automatically.
  2. Desert bald eagle : The Desert Bald eagle is really a golden semi automatic hand gun. Than the Magnum its firing rates are considerably faster and also the gun that the players get is secondary.
  3. Magnum : It’s the third gun which player will get as default which silver gun shoots slower compared to desert bald eagle.


  1. M4 : It’s a nice gun with 5x room and provides 3 models in a single time.
  2. M93BA : An excellent weapon for excellent range and it has 7x that is greatest than these and kills instantly.
  3. M14 : It’s smaller sized form of the M93BA with lower precision, selection of 6x however with a quicker firing rate and never a 1 shot killing machine.


  1. Riot shield : This protects you against all of the shots although not from close range.
  2. Machete : A sword which provides strong blow towards the opponent.

Other guns

  1. MP5 : An excellent weapon as it can certainly kill using its 3x room fast shots, nice range, good backup when you wish to hurry inside your opponent.
  2. AK47 : Not too good for me as it can certainly fail in close encounters but has fast models and lengthy too.
  3. Shotgun : Appropriate for close encounters also it spurts out 3 bullets in a single round little slow reload.

Energy weapons

  1. Smaw : One other good weapon for killing opponent from a long way away with 6x room with slow reload and just 6 rocket it’s kind of dangerous to hold and furthermore aiming could be a issue.
  2. Saw gun : It’s a ball that when hits a surface, it’ll rebound so take care not to suicide while using the and balls explodes after about 5 seconds.
  3. EMP : It shoots a ball which electrifies anybody who it caught in the range.When they’re caught within the ball aren’t able to fly for around thirty seconds and you may achieve the opponent and kill it.
  4. Laser : this isn’t an excellent weapon to make use of the harm rates are low but firing rates are fast.
  5. Flamethrower : Damages is actually strong and fast however in closer encounters and also the good factor is it penetrates shield.


  1. Frag : It may be tossed up to a great distance and explodes, which provides instant dying for your enemy.
  2. Gas : This explosive device releases a eco-friendly gas which lowers health if somebody comes near it.
  3. Proxy mine : This stays with the top whenever you throw and instantly explodes itself if somebody comes near.

Mini Militia Mod APKs

  1. Mini Militia unlimited health
  2. Mini Militia Unlimited Ammo
  3. Mini Militia Unlimited Nitro
  4. Mini Militia Pro Pack
  5. Mini Militia all store items
  6. Mini Militia One Shot Death

Mini Militia MOD APK Problems which you might face:

  • Make use of the default gun you’ve inside your hands. It might be entirely possible that the game stop for just two minutes should you improve your first gun.
  • Should you change weapons regularly or select the weapons from ground then it’s entirely possible that your game can get frozen.
  • It might take serious amounts of load the game. So, have persistence til the game loads.

NOTE: I didn’t get any of these problems within my android phone. It might change from phone to phone. It will take a longer period to load the very first time. Apart from that, I don’t think you’re going to get any difficulty.

Instruction to set up Mini Militia Mod APK On Android

  • If you are using UC browser may be you will get trouble to Download Mini Militia MOD Apk , so another browser. I suggest to use chrome or default phone browser.
  • Uninstall old Mini Militia before installing this mod (MUST).

Steps to install Mini Militia Mod APK for Android

Android device official application store Google play store, is really not too friendly for installing free Mini Militia Mod APK. And therefore to obtain the game without purchasing is installing the Mini Militia Mod APK for Android. And also the steps are just like,

Step 1 : The very first step you have to do is Uninstall that old version from your smartphone.

Step 2 : Now download the Mini militia mod APK file from end of the article then install mini militia mod apk.

Step 3 : Once you have installed, now open the game and then click upgrade option.

Step 4 : Next, you’ll find an alternative choice to purchased.

Step 5 : Next, you’ll be effectively upgraded towards the Mini militia pro pack without purchasing it.

Step 6 : You can now start the game playing online and you will get the unlimited features.

Important Note– Whenever you change to the brand new version, here there’s no requirement for rooting your phone. The game works with your Android device.

Download Mini Militia Mod APK Latest Version

Now see the magic and play this multi-player game online and catch the whole set of weapons, utilize all the skins available in store. In multiplayer online game play kill more enemies to achieve extra points, finally the player with more points will be given a reward. And This mod apk is made by denzel wilson

If you get any crashes during the installing of the game stop the process so there themselves and restart your mobile and again process the installation. If you’re experiencing any technical issue’s you can comment below, soon we’ll update you with more updates of Mini Militia mod apk game and its features.

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