Mini Militia Power Blower Mod V4 by Ankit

Introducing Mini Militia Power Blower Mod V4 by Ankit, created by Ankit! This great game mod adds fun new features to Mini Militia. It makes the game even more fun. Ankit has worked hard to make this mod. He said cool powers and abilities. They will make your gaming super exciting. Get ready to blast your enemies with powerful weapons. Show off your skills in battles like never before! Download Mini Militia Power Blower Mod V4 now and join the action-packed adventure!

App NameMini Militia Power Blower Mod V4 by Ankit
Latest Versionv5.3.7
Size44.1 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.4 and above

Features Of Mini Militia Power Blower Mod V4 by Ankit

  • Pro Pack Unlocked
  • All Store Items Purchased and Equipped
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Flying Power
  • Unlimited Bombs
  • No Reload
  • Instant Weapon Respawn (Weapons Will Spawn at Their Points Instantly)
  • Primary Weapon -> TEC9
  • Secondary Weapon -> Sniper
  • Primary Bomb -> Fragnade
  • Secondary Bomb -> Gasnade
  • 3X Flying Speed
  • Early Quit Ads Removed (You Will Not See Ads if You Quit the Match Early)
  • Background Play Enabled (You Will Not Get Disconnected from the Game if You Accidentally Press the Home Button)
  • 3X Bullet Speed
  • No Shot Ranged Bullets
  • 12 Player Lobby in Custom
  • Increase or Decrease Game Time as You Want
  • Laser Sight in All Guns (Better Aiming)
  • Fixed Skills -> 45
  • Fixed Rank -> Commander in Chief
  • Sarge Weapons -> MP5
  • 255 Survival Rounds
  • Radars Everywhere (You Could See the Red Arrows Even if You’re Not near Your Enemy)
  • No Bugs
  • Cool Background Music

Pro Pack Unlocked:

In the Pro Pack, you can access premium features without buying them. It means you can enjoy all the cool stuff in the Mini Militia Arshad Mod Apk Download right from the start without having to spend extra money.

All Store Items Purchased and Equipped:

Imagine having all the best gear and equipment from the store already in your inventory. With this feature, you don’t need to grind or spend coins to unlock items. Everything is available for you to use. This makes your gaming experience better and easier.

Unlimited Ammo:

Running out of bullets can be frustrating, especially in the heat of battle. But with unlimited ammo, you can keep shooting without worrying about running dry. This gives you a big edge over your opponents. It lets you focus on taking down enemies without pause.

Unlimited Flying Power:

Flying is a crucial aspect of Mini Militia, allowing you to navigate the map and evade enemy attacks. You have unlimited flying power. You can stay in the air as long as you want. This gives you unmatched mobility and tactical advantage in battles.

Unlimited Bombs:

Bombs are powerful tools. They clear out enemies and make strategic obstacles in battle. With unlimited bombs, you can unleash explosive mayhem. You control the game and dominate your opponents with relentless bombardment.

No Reload:

Reloading your weapon at the wrong moment can leave you vulnerable to enemy attacks. But with no reload, you can keep firing without interruption. It ensures you’re always ready to fight enemies. You’re never caught off guard in intense firefights.

Instant Weapon Respawn:

Waiting for weapons to respawn can be frustrating. It is true, especially in a heated battle. Weapons respawn. You can grab your favorite ones as soon as they become available. It lets you keep your momentum and stay ahead of the competition.

Primary Weapon -> Tec9:

The Tec9 is a powerful primary weapon known for its high rate of fire and accuracy. This weapon is your best choice. You can unleash rapid bursts of bullets with it. They shred through your enemies’ defenses with ease.

Secondary Weapon -> Sniper:

The sniper rifle is great for long-range shots. It lets you pick off enemies from a distance with deadly accuracy. The sniper rifle is your secondary weapon. It adds versatility to your arsenal. It enables you to adapt to combat situations well.

Primary Bomb -> Fragnade:

The Fragnade is a versatile bomb. It deals massive damage to enemies in its blast radius. The Fragnade is your main bomb. It lets you clear out groups of enemies. It can flush out foes from cover, making openings for decisive strikes.

Secondary Bomb -> Gasnade:

The Gasnade releases toxic gas. It damages and disorients enemies caught within its area. The Gasnade is your second bomb. It’s perfect for breaking up enemy formations and controlling choke points. It forces foes to retreat or suffer.

3x Flying Speed:

Speed is crucial for flying. It helps with maneuvering and dodging enemy fire. You can fly three times faster. It lets you outmaneuver opponents with quick and graceful movements. It makes you hard to hit and enables you to keep attacking.

Early Quit Ads Removed:

Being bombarded with ads when trying to enjoy a game is annoying. We remove early quit ads. You can exit matches without having to watch ads. It ensures a seamless gaming experience.

Background Play Enabled:

Pressing the home button shouldn’t punish you with a disconnected game session. With background play on, you can switch between apps or do other tasks on your device. You can do so without worrying that the game will disconnect you. You can resume gameplay whenever you’re ready.

3x Bullet Speed:

Bullet speed determines how your shots travel to their targets. It influences your accuracy and effectiveness in combat. Your shots reach their destination much faster at triple bullet speed. It reduces the time to end enemies and increases your lethality on the battlefield.

No Shot Ranged Bullets:

Dealing with consistent damage over long distances is hard. It is because of bullet drop and travel time. Your projectiles have no shot range. They keep their full power and accuracy at any distance. It ensures your attacks stay deadly and effective at any range.

12 Player Lobby in Custom:

Custom matches allow you to play with friends. You can also use them to organize bigger competitions. You can host epic battles and multiplayer showdowns in custom lobbies. They support up to 12 players. It allows for larger, more exciting matches. They create memorable gaming experiences for everyone involved.

Increase or Decrease Game Time:

You can tailor each match to your style. How? By adjusting the game’s length to your preferences. Whether you like quick skirmishes or long battles, changing the game time ensures that each match is fun. It caters to different player preferences and schedules.

Laser Sight in All Guns:

A laser sight helps you aim. It provides visual help. It enables you to align your shots well. All guns have laser sights. They allow you to desire better and hit targets more. It increases your combat effectiveness.

Fixed Skills -> 45:

Skill levels reflect your skill and experience in the game. They affect your performance and abilities on the battlefield. You are fixed at level 45 in your skills. You start each match with advanced capabilities and attributes. It gives you an edge against opponents of all skill levels.

Fixed Rank -> Commander in Chief:

Rank shows your status and reputation within the game’s community. It shows your achievements and contributions as a player. You have a fixed rank of Commander in Chief. You command respect and authority among your peers. You have shown your mastery of Mini Militia. You lead your team to victory with confidence and expertise.

Sarge Weapons -> MP5:

Sarge’s weapons offer unique gameplay options and strategic advantages in combat scenarios. The MP5 replaced the Sarge’s weapons. It is versatile and good for many combat situations. It helps you adapt to changing battlefields and beat any enemy.

255 Survival Rounds:

Survival rounds show how long you can endure enemy attacks and hazards. They end in defeat. You have 255 survival rounds. You have exceptional durability and resilience. They let you withstand long fights and outlast your opponents. You do this with unwavering determination and tenacity.

Radars Everywhere:

Radars provide key data about enemy positions and movements. This data lets you track targets and predict their actions well. Radars are visible everywhere on the map. They give you unmatched situational awareness and strategic insight. It enables you to outmaneuver opponents and win with better tactics and coordination.

No Bugs:

Errors can disrupt gameplay. They detract from the experience, causing frustration and annoyance for players. No bugs are in the game. You get smooth gameplay, free from technical issues and interruptions. It gives you a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

Cool Background Music:

Background music sets the tone of the game. It enhances immersion and engagement for players. With cool background music accompanying your gameplay, you’re immersed.

How To Download Mini Militia Power Blower Mod V4 by Ankit?

  • Go to a trusted website where you can find the mod. Ask a grown-up for help if needed.
  • Look for the download button or link that says “Mini Militia Power Blower Mod V4” and click on it.
  • Wait for the download to finish. It might take a few minutes, depending on your internet speed.
  • Once the download is complete, find the file on your device. It might be in your Downloads folder.
  • Open the file and follow any instructions to install the mod on your game.
  • After installation, you’re ready to play! Open Mini Militia and enjoy the new features and excitement of Power Blower Mod V4 by Ankit. Have fun!

How To Install it?

  • First, make sure you’ve downloaded the mod file from a trusted website.
  • Once you download the file, locate it on your device. It might be in your Downloads folder.
  • Could you tap on the mod file to open it? You should use a file manager app to find it.
  • When you open the file, it usually asks you to install it. Tap on the “Install” button.
  • Wait for the installation process to finish. It might take a few moments.
  • After installation, you’ll see a message saying “Installed” or “Done.”
  • Now, open the Mini Militia game on your device.
  • You should see the new features and abilities added by the mod in the game.
  • Start playing and enjoy the fun. Mini Militia Power Blower Mod V4 brings it! Have fun!


What is Mini Militia Power Blower Mod V4?

It’s a cool modification for the game Mini Militia made by Ankit.

What does the mod add to the game?

It adds exciting new features and abilities to make the game more fun.

Who created Mini Militia Power Blower Mod V4?

Ankit created this awesome mod.

Where can I download the mod?

You can download it now and join the action-packed adventure!


In conclusion, Mini Militia Power Blower Mod V4 by Ankit is a great addition to the game. It brings hours of fun and excitement. Its new features and abilities let players enjoy thrilling battles. They can show off their skills like never before. Ankit has done a fantastic job creating this mod. Players of all ages can enjoy the action-packed adventure it offers. So what are you waiting for? Download Mini Militia Power Blower Mod V4 and prepare for an epic gaming experience!

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